Join us at our next show:
October 3 - 4, 2015
  MN State Fair Education Building

Upcoming MWCA Shows:
        No August show in 2015   
        October 3 - 4   MN State Fair Education Building
        Oct. 31 - Nov. 1   MN State Fair Coliseum Building
        December 12 - 13   St. Paul RiverCentre         
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Important!   This web site provides information about the Minnesota Weapons Collectors Association and links to useful information regarding other organizations, legislation, etc. Any questions regarding the MWCA should be directed to 612-721-8976 (phone and fax) or mailed to the MWCA address below.

    To rent exhibitor tables or apply for MWCA membership, table rental and membership application forms and payments must be mailed to the address on the forms.   Table rental forms or membership application forms will not be accepted without payment.   Exhibitor table rental or membership applications will not be accepted by fax or e-mail.   A table rental confirmation will be returned to you if you have included a self addressed stamped envelope with your table rental form and payment.   Click on the "Exhibitor Information and Forms" link above to go to our web page that has a link to the MWCA exhibitor table rental application form approved by the MWCA Board of Directors on May 6, 2014.   The table rental form can be printed and submitted to the MWCA.     If you can not print the forms on this web site, call, fax or write the MWCA to request that the forms be mailed to you.   Our "Exhibitor Information and Forms" page will also has a link to State of Minnesota Sales Tax registration information.
Important!  Article VII Show Rules of Conduct, Section 5:   Any item brought to a meeting (show) which, in the opinion of a majority of the Board Members present, is detrimental to the safety or best interest of this corporation will be barred.   No loaded firearms except for authorized security personnel!

The Minnesota Weapons Collectors Association is the largest and oldest weapons collectors group in the state of Minnesota.
      The MWCA was established by a group of collecting enthusiasts. The organization provides an opportunity for collectors to buy, sell and trade and a forum for social interaction and fellowship for those interested in the hobby of arms collecting.
      The MWCA covers a broad spectrum of arms collecting. This includes aboriginal weapons and antique to modern arms and edged weapons, and sporting collectibles, including ammunition, accessories and accouterments. The wide diversity of interest is one of the strong points and benefits of the group.
      Membership of the MWCA stands at over 1,000, with a significant number of charter members still actively involved.
      The MWCA presently sponsors up to eight meetings per year in the Twin Cities and Rochester. These are 300 to 600 table shows with exhibitors from all over the country.
      Our biggest, most popular all-around show is held at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds Coliseum building in March of each year. Our Annual Trophy Show features many fine collections set up exclusively for display, competition, and education.
      The MWCA is a non-profit organization. Proceeds go to the Boy Scouts, firearms safety programs, junior shooting programs and many other worthy organizations.

New MWCA membership is $35.00 for the first year. Membership renewal is $30.00 for one year.

The MWCA address, phone number and fax number for membership and show / exhibitor information requests:
Minnesota Weapons Collectors Association
Post Office Box 662
Hopkins, Minnesota 55343
Phone / Fax: 612-721-8976