Note to Members of the Public


The Minnesota Weapons Collectors Association is the largest and oldest firearms collectors group in the state of Minnesota. We are dedicated to the preservation of legal and responsible firearms ownership through education and legislation.


The MWCA was established in 1954 by a group of collecting enthusiasts. All of our shows are open to the public. The show admission charge is $10.00 (Cash or Credit). No one under the age of 18 will be admitted to a show unless accompanied by a supervising and responsible adult. (Parents are preferred.) There is no admission charge for 12 and under.


If you plan to attend MWCA shows, please note the following:

  • Buy, Sell, Trade (State and federal firearms laws are strictly observed at all MWCA shows.)

  • Our show management reserves the right to check all bags, purses and containers at the show entrance to ensure that no prohibited firearms or prohibited materials are brought into our show by members of the public.

  • No loaded firearms will be allowed in our shows.  Any firearms you bring into the show must be checked and secured by MWCA show security, and will remain so while in the show facility.

  • Any firearm brought into our shows or purchased at our shows will not leave the facility without being cased. Bring your own case or purchase a case from us for $2.00 each at the show entrance.


The MWCA sponsors up to eight shows each year throughout the state of Minnesota. These events present firearms, edged weapons, related accessories and sporting collectibles, from antique to modern. Individuals from throughout the United States participate. Our Annual Trophy Show features many fine collections set up exclusively for display, competition and education.


We want all who attend our shows to have an enjoyable time. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations regarding firearms sales. Here is a link to BATFE rules and regulations for gun show dealers and participants. For answers to specific questions, contact the BATFE directly.


The MWCA is a nonprofit organization. Proceeds go to local youth groups such as the Boy Scouts, firearms safety programs, junior shooting programs and many other worthy organizations including the NRA.


Information can be printed from our web site or you can call to request information be mailed to you.


We appreciate your interest in the MWCA.