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Table Information & Applications

RENT PER TABLE $25.00. ($55.00 Non-Member) • No one day rentals • Table size is 21/2 ft. x 8 ft.


The exhibitor who is named on the application must attend the tables reserved in his/her name, is responsible for following the show rules of conduct, and federal and local regulations. Exhibitor passes are issued accordingly.
If you want a written confirmation of your reservation, enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope. If you require electrical service, there will be an additional charge determined by the facility.


To qualify for refund on tables cancelled, you must cancel by Monday prior to public opening of the show.
While the M.W.C.A. recognizes the need for some exhibitors to break down prior to the close of the show (Sunday, 3:00 P.M.) we ask that you remain in place the entire show hours as a courtesy to the paying public. Exhibitors who make early departures will be located in an area where their exit will not have a negative effect on the show, or may be denied tables at future shows.

TABLE DISPLAY RULES: Arms, Accessories and Vintage Sporting Collectibles.

  • No subletting of tables. 

  • No sales to anyone under age 18 unless that person is accompanied by a parent

  • or guardian. 

  • No animals allowed other than service animals.


At the link below you will find an updated MWCA show notice as approved at the May 6, 2014 MWCA board meeting.  Upon review, you will notice a much clearer definition of not only acceptable arms and accessories, but, prohibited items too.  Our intent is to keep MWCA shows germane to arms, accessories and sporting collectibles.

2024 show rent is $25.00 per table for members and $55.00 non-member.


MWCA Exhibitor Table Application Forms

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